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Sensible Precautions For Open-House Showings

Protect Your Property While It's On The Market

You may have heard horror stories about visitors to open houses walking away with precious belongings. Like urban legends, these stories take on a life of their own, regardless what the real statistics are. Professionals in the real estate industry sometimes have a most difficult time laying those fears to rest.

Exaggerated Risk

While there is a risk in opening up any home to visitors, precautions can be taken to alleviate any concerns about someone absconding with your things during an open houseā€”or any other showing. New home models tend to be the real victims of theft. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reported that "frustrated by theft, some decorators of model homes now glue picture frames to table-tops and staple throw pillows to the sofa."

Stow The Small Stuff

The items targeted for theft during open houses at resale homes are likely to be small-jewelry, cell phones-which can be snatched up if the showing agent looks away.

Simple tip: Go through your home and put small or valuable items you don't want taken out of sight.

Do you have a safe in your home or a safe deposit box at your bank? Use it to safeguard your jewelry and even your prescription drugs-a highly prized commodity for small-time thieves.

The overwhelming majority of home shoppers are simply people looking to buy a home.

When you work with DennisJ Associates everyone who sees your home through us will be qualified. But we can't entirely control the showing practices of agents from other companies. So be sensible about protecting your belongings while your home is on the market.

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