Perplexed over pricing
your property?
Correctly pricing your property can be perplexing.

But pricing is critical
to achieving
a successful sale.

(We know! We do it
every day!)
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Valuable Services Agents Provide To Sellers

So What Do Agents Do To Earn Their Commissions?

    An Experienced, Professional Agent With A Full-Service Company Will:
  1. Listen intently to make sure he or she fully understands your goals and priorities
  2. Clearly explain their business philosophy and methodologies and suggest how to best apply them towards achieving your highest goals
  3. Diligently apply all the resources at their disposal to achieve the best possible outcome for you
  4. Act as your Agent in the fullest sense of the word: "One who acts on behalf of, and in the best interests of another"
  5. Together with you, fully analyze all relevant market data and mutually determine your property's 'true' market value as nearly as possible
  6. Advise you on pricing strategies likely to be most effective in getting 'top dollar' from your transaction
  7. Advise you on staging your property to achieve the highest and best impact during showings
  8. Implement a vigorous and proven marketing plan, including marketing your property to the general public, to the entire brokerage community and through consistent and constant networking
  9. Communicate with you consistently and thoroughly, especially regarding market feedback, so you have the best information for making decisions
  10. Discuss agency representation, what options are available to you, and how they impact your transaction
  11. Prepare brochures, advertisements, websites, finance sheets etc. for distribution as needed
  12. Assures that all buyers are at least pre-qualified, if not pre-approved for a loan, before making an offer on the home
  13. After consultation with you, negotiates all aspects of offers that are received: price, financing terms, contingencies, home inspections and more
  14. Monitors various professional inspections, including the home inspection, pest, radon gas and lead paint inspections, among others.

Sometimes an agent will conduct all the work above, only to have a buyers' contract fall through. Then the process starts all over again, in hopes the sale will go through the next time around.

Real estate professionals are paid only when they deliver results. No results, no pay! In effect, a homeowner has better than a money-back guarantee.

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